Casual Tank Dress

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Dress: Factorie (similar here)  Shoes: Adidas Sunglasses: Supre (similar here)

Finally, we’re starting to cool down in QLD. It’s been long awaited considering we’re over a month into Autumn. I thought I’d shoot these photos before it gets way to cool to wear it again but I’ll probably still wear it and suffer from frostbite anyway.

To be completely honest, I brought this dress around Christmas for $10 and completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago! At first, I was worried it’d look like a mumu which it kind of does but not enough for me to not wear it! I’m a fan of black, white and turtle necks so a garment all in one, yes please! Like I said, I got this dress for $10 on a clearance rack- my favourite and first place I go when walking into a store. Pairing it with my Adidas sneakers and a top knot is my version of a casual day time look. And the nails added just that little more to the look which I talked more about here.

I’m going away to see family this Friday and won’t be back until the Monday. No wifi for 4 days. Pray for me.

Enjoy your Easter, eat enough chocolate for both of us and relax over the long weekend!

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Why I’ll Never Use Nail Polish Again

I don’t know about you but I love having pretty nails. I’m sick of seeing all these gorgeous nail inspo Instagram accounts and me not being able to do any of them on myself. The main problem is the nail polish. I hate waiting for nail polish to dry. No matter how thin the layers I do are, it always takes so long to dry. Even when I think it’s dry, it’s not. And I am not about to pay someone to do them for me. Even if I can get the polish to dry completely, I swear, it’ll chip off within the day. I clearly don’t have the best luck with nail polish so I just don’t even bother with it anymore. Until recently, I had come to the terms that I was gonna have basic, plain ole’ natural nails forever which I’m fine with most of the time, but sometimes, I want pretty nails!

A co-worker was telling me about this company called Jamberry Nails and once she broke down the whole concept to me, I knew I had to give them a go. If you’ve never heard of Jamberry Nails, basically, they do these things called nail wraps- sticker like pieces that adhere to your nail. They have heaps of options to choose from and a lot of them are what you would see on those Instagram pages! The ones I’m wearing are called Gatsby and I LOVE them. They didn’t take long at all to apply and it’s super easy. No drying time and smudging, who can say no? With a bit of heat, a nail file and a glass of wine, I can see myself switching these bad boys out on a Sunday night. I do want to point out, even though they retail for $22 a sheet, you can easily get 2 or 3 applications out of them, more bang for ya buck! They also have a deal where you buy 3 sheets and you get the 4th one free- YES PLEASE!

I even got my Nan onto the wraps and she loves them! She keeps telling me she wants more!

Jamberry Nails do have consultants which I know can be really annoying but if you do purchase through this link, just know you’re helping a new mother, her baby and partner live a more comfortable life. If you’re not okay with that, no worries, you can still purchase through the Jamberry Nails website. Give them a go though, they’re awesome!

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This post is not sponsored but I was given a sheet of nail wraps to review. All opinions are my own, I promise. x


White & Blue Denim

IMG_6490 IMG_6524IMG_6499IMG_6530

Top: Boohoo Culottes: Boohoo  Jacket: Boohoo Shoes: Spurr from The Iconic

I finally purchased a pair of white bottoms. I’ve been avoiding for such a long time but it was time. I decided, an all white ensemble was the way to go. But it was a little chilly so the denim jacket not only added a little grunge but also added warmth. I love pairing something grungy with a more feminine outfit, I feel way more comfortable that way.

I’ve also worn these heels quite a few times here on the blog but they’re a fave so I couldn’t say no again! And can we talk about this top? I have been looking for a top like this (that doesn’t cost a kidney) for so long and I’m so happy I finally have one! I went for white because I can wear it with nearly any bottom. I could even see it with sweats and some sneakers. Maybe, I don’t know.

I’m off grocery shopping (which I actually kinda like). I’ve also been working on uping my Youtube game, or at least starting it so keep your eyes peeled! 😉

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And yes I am very aware of the resting bitch face, unintentional!